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VernonNeppe Gateway About Dr Neppe Presentations (You Tubes) of Dr Neppe and Dr Close Extracts from Dr Neppe's Books and Forthcoming Media Activities Update


This website is specifically allocated to the scientific and creative works of Dr Vernon Neppe.

We should integrate seamlessly with several other of Dr Neppe’s sites:

  • It serves as an extension of the Vernon Neppe Gateway at  www.VernonNeppe.org.
  • It interfaces with Dr Neppe’s Clinical and Forensic sites linked with the Pacific Neuropsychiatry Institute  www.pni.org: This is the largest site in Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Neurology on the Internet
  • It amplifies some of the material on Dr Neppe’s book sites at www.brainvoyage.com
  • It allows understanding of Exceptional Creative Achievement www.ECAO.us (also called 5KIQ.com)
  • It allows insights into a component of Dr Neppe’s work: Clinical practice
  • It provides Dr Neppe’s blogs on different topics.
  • It provides the reader the opportunity to impact through moderated blogs.

Summary of these Main Headers

Name Web site link these Background Description Extras
Vernon Neppe Research VernonNeppe.com This site: major headers above Research and news Links to blogs and password protection
Vernon Neppe Gateway VernonNeppe.org Sister site; 10 main pages Summarizes Books,
Consultant, Forensic, Research, Media
YouTube presentations
Dr Neppe bio
Brainvoyage / Brainquest Press Brainvoyage.com Dr. Neppe’s books (exclusive plus orders) Information menus Order menus
Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization ECAO.us and 5KIQ.com Non-profit corporation to assist consultancies and research Promotes worldwide exceptional creative achiement Applications; sponsorships and  donations
Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute Pni.org Neuropsychiatry and Psychopharmacology Neuropsychiatric site Largest on the Internet Clinical (link to SHAC)
Forensic , “Interesting”

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