TDVP Summary 300 Words
Since 2008, we’ve worked together on the Neppe-Close TDVP (Triadic Dimensional Vortical Paradigm). Here’s the 2019 update:TDVP involves a ‘metaparadigm’—an all-embracing, unified ‘theory of everything’. TDVP extends science well beyond our usual understanding: the same laws of nature always apply scientifically at quantal, macro-world and cosmological levels. That unifies our reality and existence.

Specifically, we’ve proved we exist mathematically within 9 dimensions. These TDVP vortical (rotating) measurable finite dimensions incorporate Space, Time and Consciousness (STC). STC forms a triad —they’re always together: no longer should we talk just of Minkowski ‘space-time’ but of Neppe-Close ‘space-time-consciousness’. Additionally, ‘gimmel’— a critically important massless, energyless component —is always necessarily in union with every stable particle, even dark matter and dark energy, otherwise atoms would just fly apart. Gimmel is very likely ‘consciousness’ or its vehicle. Gimmel has major ethicospirituobiopsychofamiliosocioethnicocultural implications.


We’re limited in our day-to-day physical experience of current science to 3 dimensions of space in a present time (3S-1t). Consequently, we cannot explain everything, as 3S-1t reflects only one limited component of our necessary 9-dimensional finite quantized existence, in turn enveloped by an active pervading infinite continuity: TDVP explains 60 unsolved 3S-1t conundrums, such as hydrogen being the building block of the universe, why Feynman’s ‘quantum weirdness’ is untrue, the mixing angle of fermions, gluon redundancy, and why our (normalized) electron, proton and neutron data (amazingly) exactly correspond with the Large Hadron Collider findings. TDVP also allows insights into how physical life happens, psi (like ESP), and quantum entanglement. TDVP reciprocally allows spirituality and science to be understood through each other, recognizing, too, that mathematics is more than a calculation tool and an essential component of nature. Finally TDVP provides a philosophical model, ‘Unified Monism’, that directly derives from science, and is universally applicable in both physical and extended reality.